First you need to know there are few ways how to use the presets:


OPtion 1

First one is the normal desktop usage in Adobe Lightroom desktop. You can just download the pack and install it to you lightroom and use on all the photos you can import to. Here is very good instruction how to it from our partner FilterGrade

2018-05-27 15.07.32.jpg


Second way is to synchronise your mobile app Lightroom Mobile CC  with your Desktop version and use presets on mobile. Here is very good video about it. You need to take into account that synchronisation with mobile Lightroom always require internet connection.

2018-05-27 15.07.38.jpg


Third option is similar to second one, but you can use the presets offline in Lightroom Mobile CC. The only thing you need to do is to spend a bit more time to download the presets in special .DNG format and add them to Lightroom Mobile CC. This is good video about it